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We organise the following Outdoor Bowls Tournaments which are hosted by member clubs.

  • National Men's
  • North Island Women's
  • South Island Women's Fours

Rules of Plays:

New Zealand Outdoor Bowls Federation Laws of the Game are used in all our tournaments.  Members must be affiliated to Bowls New Zealand to play in Clubs New Zealand Tournaments.

Would your club like to host a  tournament?

You must apply to Clubs New Zealand at least two years in advance. The closing date for applications is 60 days before the delegates' meeting at the current years tournament. The delegates' meeting is held during the tournament.

Your club will need to:

  • Write a letter of intent confirming that your Club has the facilities to host a tournament
  • Complete an docApplication Form

The host club is usually decided by majority vote at the delegates' meeting.

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Recent Outdoor Bowls Tournaments

Clubs New Zealand 2016 South Island Women's Outdoor Bowls Tournament
Sun Oct 2nd 2016 - Fri Oct 7th 2016
Clubs New Zealand 2016 North Island Women's Outdoor Bowls Fours Tournament
Mon Nov 7th 2016 - Thu Nov 10th 2016
Clubs New Zealand 2017 National Men's Outdoor Bowls Tournament
Mon Feb 6th 2017 - Fri Feb 10th 2017
East Coast Chartered Clubs Men's Bowling Tournament 2017
Tue Feb 28th 2017 - Thu Mar 2nd 2017
South Island 2017 Men's Lawn Bowls Fours Tournament
Sat Apr 22nd 2017 - Sun Apr 23rd 2017