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Is your club's constitution fit for purpose?

A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a club is acknowledge to be governed. It is often said that the club’s constitution is its bible, it sets out the purpose of the club, types of membership and how to belong, responsibilities and powers to name a few. With such an important document guiding our decisions it is not surprising that a large number of issues experienced by clubs are the result of poorly written and/or outdated constitutions.

Small Club, Big Possibilities

The club industry is a stable and enduring one.  But clubs, especially small clubs, need to consider their future when making decisions today.

The club industry is truly diverse, with clubs ranging from large organisations through to small, volunteer-run grassroots clubs in small towns.  These small clubs might be the only bowling green for 10km and are often the only venue in town.

Club Management Conference 2016 - Wrap Up

Club Management Conference sydney

For the 2016 Club Management Conference over 70 club managers, committee members and partners made the trip across the ditch to Sydney, where the conference was held in conjunction with the Australasian Gaming Expo.

Should there be a treasurer on your committee?

The short answer is no.  The long answer requires some explanation.

In the past, committees/boards of organisations, in particular not-for-profit organisations including clubs, have appointed one of the committee members to the position of treasurer, and that person has been deemed responsible for the financial management of the organisation.

In the case of some very small organisations the treasurer does actually manage the daily finances.  However, as a general rule, in adequately staffed organisations the day-to-day financial management of a club is an operational role that should be handled by a finance manager, club manager or CEO.