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Its time to remind your staff of your Security Policies

It seems that we are hearing about armed robberies and break in's in ever increasing frequency.  A quick Google search of armed robberies in New Zealand will bring up article after article detailing armed robberies that have targeted bars, TABS and liquor outlets.  It is heart breaking to see that for some they consider it the norm.

Clubs need to be vigilant and ensure their security policies and procedures are adequate and being enforced.  Anyone that is planning to rob your club will be looking for weaknesses and complacency in your security procedures i.e. staff members counting money in plain site while only one or two people are on site.

Friendly Societies and Club Licences

Those of you in attendance at the Clubs New Zealand 2017 AGM would have heard the update from Charlie Clayton, President of the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club regarding changes made with the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 meaning that Friendly Society Clubs are no longer able to hold a Club Licence.

This change in legislation (a change of three words in the definition of club) was not uncovered until Friendly Society Clubs began renewing their licences and were told they were no longer eligible to hold a club licence.

Back to Basic's Managers Training is back for 2017


We are pleased to announce that the hugely popular Back to Basic's Managers Courses are back for 2017.  The two-day course aimed at “upskilling” Managers who would like to improve their knowledge around “compliance” issues and obtain a detailed understanding of the various components clubs traditionally earn revenue from. Some of the topics are:

Employment during and after diasters

It seems that Mother Nature has flicked a switch and in the space of two weeks has given New Zealand the remnants of Cyclone Debbie and now Cyclone Cook is beginning to make the journey from North to South.

During and after natural disasters and adverse weather such as the deluge of rain we are currently seeing, employers and employees need to consider issues such as health and safety, emotional wellbeing and payment options.