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What is the difference between Governance and Management

"What is the difference between governance and management?" It is by far the question that not-for-profit executives ask most often.  Effective boards understand the difference between governing and managing; dysfunctional boards do not.

The traditional, easy answer - that the board makes policy and management carries it out - is too simplistic.  It offers little practical guidance at a time when fiduciary expectations are rising.  Nowadays executive serve on boards to make a difference, not just to be names on the letterhead and have a car park out the front.  Today's boards must be informed and want to be engaged, both to fulfill their legal obligations and to leverage their time and talent to advise management.  But - at what point does appropriate engagement cross the line into running the show?

Gambits article - Mystery Shopper exercise

The Department is undertaking its second Mystery Shopper exercise to assess how venue staff identify and respond to the signs of gambling harm. The exercise is taking place in all six casinos and 10 percent of class 4 venues, including clubs.

Mystery shoppers will act out signs of gambling harm in various scenarios.  The shoppers are seeking information about how venue staff identify and engage with them, based on the behaviours they present.

Children in the club

Recently we have received a large number of calls from clubs looking to introduce policies regarding children in the club, these policies generally relate to a time where children are required to leave or creating areas within the club that are "child free" such as the snooker room.

Clubs pride themselves on being places where parents and grandparents can take their children and grandchildren for a family meal.  Clubs have become popular venues because of their zero tolerance policy when it comes to violence as well as being sticklers when it comes to ensuring host responsibility standards are met and strictly abided by.  They're also popular because they are always considered the safest venues in the community.  For this reason alone, it's no wonder clubs are becoming the venue of choice for families.

Host Responsibility - Walking the Talk

Since the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 there has been a much greater emphasis on training and ensuring that staff can walk the talk when it comes to host responsibility.

When considering licence applications the licencing authority or the licencing committee concerned must have regard for “whether the application has appropriate systems, staff and training to comply with the law.”