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Contractor versus Employee

Occasionally your club may engage or consider engaging the services of an independent contractor to help out with certain aspects of your club.  While this may seem like a straight forward process, it is easy to blur the lines between Employee and Contractor, this is where the club may find itself in hot water.

Break Through the Digital Wall of White Noise

In the multimedia age there are various communication channels available, meaning that consumers are constantly bombarded with messaging.  Between social media, applications and subscriptions to content, the onslaught hits you from all angles at all hours of the day, overloading recipients and creating the equivalent of a digital wall of white noise.

Look no further than your email inbox to see this in practice! On top of this, the proliferation of information available on advertising techniques and exposure to this content means consumers are savvier than ever, almost to the point of a "marketing immunity".

Protect customer information: Free online training

If you have customers — or employees — you almost certainly collect personal information. Get up to speed on your privacy responsibilities with a new 30-minute training module from the Privacy Commissioner.

Get it right and people will trust you. Get it wrong and you hurt your own reputation.

Total Utilities - Same great company with a new look

Total Utilities Landscape RGB

Total Utilities is widely acknowledged as being one of the top three independent energy consultants in New Zealand.

As such, they have worked with over 100 Clubs New Zealand members over the years driving down your electricity costs nationally.