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Be a data-driven business

Just a little research into your business can tell you how to boost revenue and profitability.  By gathering the right data, you can identify opportunities, make strategic decisions and improve business performance quite quickly.

With modern business software, it's easier than ever to capture and analyse data.  It shouldn't even require you to do any maths!

Protect your email from invoice scams

Emailing invoices is the easiest way to get them to clients — but an invoice scam targeting New Zealand business could see them not getting paid. Here’s what to do about it.

The scam works after you’ve emailed a client their invoice with bank account details for payment. Attackers compromise your email account and find recently sent invoices in your mailbox, copy them and update the payment bank account number to that of a “money mule”. They then send another email with the same layout indicating an updated invoice is attached.

Are You Socially Sorted? Here are some quick tips to get you started

Social media has created new standards in customer relations.  It's given consumers the power to spread information to hundreds, if not thousands, of people in a matter of seconds.  This shift to social sharing means every customer now has the power to impact on your business, whether positive or not.

Social channels also present a unique opportunity to connect and interact with customers in real time.  What's not so apparent is the best methods for using these social tools to build fans, followers and engagement, while driving business to your club.

Colour Accounting Workshop - Be Financially Literate in One Day

World renowned training for non-financial managers, brought to you by ServiceIQ

Due to industry demand, ServiceIQ CEO Dean Minchington is delighted to give you the opportunity to invite you and your people to attend this workshop presentation of Color AccountingTM - the proven, critically acclaimed programme that helps non-financial managers worldwide to quickly upskill and gain vital know-how for better business.