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Colour Accounting Workshop - Be Financially Literate in One Day

World renowned training for non-financial managers, brought to you by ServiceIQ

Due to industry demand, ServiceIQ CEO Dean Minchington is delighted to give you the opportunity to invite you and your people to attend this workshop presentation of Color AccountingTM - the proven, critically acclaimed programme that helps non-financial managers worldwide to quickly upskill and gain vital know-how for better business.

Handling Membership Issues

At Clubs New Zealand National Office we often receive calls from clubs where a member has been called to a disciplinary meeting and it has all turned to custard.  We also receive a large number of calls from club members who do not agree with their clubs disciplinary process or believe that the club has failed to follow the process outlined in their clubs constitution.  We are continually reminding clubs of how important proper process is in employment matters and we are now picking up that same line for membership matters.

The below article is all about handling membership issues and looks at best practice guidelines on how to handle those issues.

The Job Description - It's more than just a list of tasks

The written job description (J.D.) used to be something found only in big organisations including central and local Government. Today however, a written job description is a required part of every employee’s employment agreement.  We often find that the JD is simply a short, high level list of tasks written to satisfy the requirements of the law.

It can be so much more and it really should be. Consider what the JD is, beyond a simple list of tasks.  It defines the responsibilities and accountabilities of the job and is the first building block of the performance management process. The JD defines the interrelationships expected between employees, detailing the division of labour, reporting lines for supervision and the scope for financial transactions and other decision making.

Fantastic AED Promotion from New Zealand Red Cross

The New Zealand Red Cross are currently promoting AEDs in the workplace, with the massive goal of reducing the SCA mortality rate in New Zealand. 

Did you Know?  From the time of collapse from Ventricular Fibrilation (Heart issues), there is only 3-4 minutes for successful response to treatment.  If a rescuer can provide defibrillation in the first minute, the victim’s chance of survival increases to more than 90 perfect.  For every one minute delay, the chance of survival lessens by 7 - 10%.  VFs are the weakest link in the chain of survival for an adult.

Because of this, New Zealand Red Cross are offering special discounted packages on our AEDs at present.