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Round-up of 2018 law changes

From payday reporting to a new minimum wage and rules around parental leave, here’s a summary of what’s new and what’s changed for small businesses and the self-employed – check which apply to you.

Running sub-clubs takes a steady hand

Strong relationships and clear guidelines will help bind ties.

One of the key facets of club life is the various social, sporting and recreational opportunities they offer.  As clubs have grown, so too have their facilities for members with clubs offering wide and varying sub-clubs and adjuncts from bowls, darts, cue sports through to senior adjuncts, wine and craft beer clubs to name a few.  Sub-clubs or adjuncts are an important part of the club landscape, bringing members and guests into participate in practice and competitions then hopefully staying for a drink or meal.  More than that, they also form an important part of the social and recreational amenity of the club to the community.

The Art of Illusion

'Public Health' is taxpayer funded academic flim-flam.

Illusion is all about distraction.  The magician aims to capture your attention long enough to perform their trick.  The same applies to a field of social science called Public Health.  The practitioners of this dark art spend their time creating social problems that don't exist.  These great distractions are designed to allow them to perform their real magic; tricking governments into handing over taxpayers' money.

Dolphin Treasure Case Sinks

Australian Federal Court loss takes huge toll on Alliance credibility.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform was calling it "The Great Pokies Trial" and spent nearly two years compiling their best possible arguments that poker machines were misleading, deceptive and designed to create addiction.  In the end they failed spectacularly.