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Host Responsibility - Walking the Talk

Since the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 there has been a much greater emphasis on training and ensuring that staff can walk the talk when it comes to host responsibility.

When considering licence applications the licencing authority or the licencing committee concerned must have regard for “whether the application has appropriate systems, staff and training to comply with the law.”

Food Act 2014 workshops - Wellington

The Ministry for Primary Industries have been running a series of workshops across the country introducing the new Food Act. 

An extended workshop is being held on Monday 3rd October 2016 at St Andrews on The Terrace and all Clubs New Zealand members are invited to attend.

How to handle customer feedback on social media

If someone posts a complaint on your business’s Facebook page or Twitter feed, how best to respond? Would you a) delete or ignore it b) discuss a possible resolution via comments on their post or c) thank them and make contact privately?

Daylight Saving - Sunday 25 September

This year daylight saving kicks off on Sunday 25 September where the clocks go forward by one hour from 2.00am to 3.00am.

For employees working in the small hours of the morning on 25 September, it means they are actually working an hour less, however, employees must not be disadvantaged for the lost hour and must be paid the time that they would otherwise have worked on the day.