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Introduction and launch of the National MVE Administration Service

The Ministry of Health recently contracted The Salvation Army Oasis to provide a Multi Venue Exclusion (MVE) National Administration Service (NAS). This was the result of a review (conducted by a group made up of the Ministry, DIA, industry and provider representatives) of how the MVE process was operating around New Zealand. The review identified a number of issues and inconsistent practices and included a recommendation that a national MVE administration service be established to manage the administrative part of the MVE process.  The Salvation Army were awarded the contract following a competitive procurement process.

The Salvation Army Oasis National MVE Administration Service is looking to streamline and facilitate the Multi Venue Exclusion requests (MVE Requests).  MVE is an effective intervention for those impacted by gambling harm however the current paper based system is cumbersome and time-consuming. One of the MVE Review recommendations was to move to an electronic process to ease administrative burden and enhance sustainability of MVE.

Commercial AV Supply Co. - Technology is our Passion - Supplying it is our Craft

Commercial Audio Visual Supply Co

Clubs New Zealand is excited to have partnered with Commercial Audio Visual Supply Co.

Commercial Audio Visual Supply Co. are a 100% NZ owned company run by individuals with over 30 years’ experience in the commercial audio visual field. We specialise in hospitality supply utilising the best products from the world’s leading manufacturers of audio visual equipment.

Domestic Violence Victims Legislation

You will likely have heard, due to the significant media coverage which this legislation has attracted, that the Domestic Violence Victims’ Protection Bill was passed on 25 July 2018 and will come into effect on 1 April 2019.

The purpose of the private member’s bill, which was introduced by Green Party MP Jan Logie, is to enhance the legal protection in the workplace for persons affected by domestic violence. It aims to support victims to stay in paid employment, which is seen as a critical step to limiting the effects of domestic violence.

Be ready to shift to payday filing

The time is now for New Zealand employers to get ready to shift to payday filing.

From April 1 2019 all employers will have to file their employment information every payday.

Inland Revenue customer segment lead Richard Owen says the easiest way to comply is through payroll software.