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But our club is not looking at an amalgamation

Even if a club is not specifically looking at an amalgamation it is important for all clubs to understand what an amalgamation is, the processes behind an amalgamation and the benefits to be derived from being prepared.

Clubs have to be strategic nowadays about amalgamation opportunities.  Unfortunately, the time when all clubs could find an amalgamation partner is over.  We often see clubs in trouble hanging on for too long and this can make them a much less viable amalgamation proposal.  The amalgamation process can be quite lengthy, often taking 12 months.  So clubs need to keep this in mind when considering an amalgamation.

New promotional poster from VTNZ

VTNZ Orange

As you know you and your members can pop into your local VTNZ and get road ready today.  Their trained Automotive Technicians can take care of your WoF, CoF, Rego, Road User Charges and Licensing, and can sort most simple replacements on the spot.

Get Ready For The Mobile Wallet

Like public telephones and fax machines, that nice leather wallet you just received for Christmas will soon be a relic of the past.

Key, wallet and mobile phone; it's a ritual that most of us go through every time we leave the house, but for how much longer?  The launch of Apply Pay and Android Pay in New Zealand means that the days of the physical wallet are numbered.

Frustrated? Probably Not

Employers often refer to a contract of employment being “frustrated”. Frequently this term is used in circumstances where an employee is on extended sick leave and the employer considers that the fact that the employee can’t attend work has frustrated the employment contract and therefore it should be terminated. However, the concept (or doctrine) of frustration of contract is much more complicated than that.

In a recent case Whanau Tahi Ltd v. Kiran Dasari [2016] NZEmpC 120 dated 20 September 2016, the Employment Court examined the alleged frustration of contract of an employee who had difficulties with a work visa.