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Tattoos at work ok?

It is a person’s right to do whatever they want with their own body. Dying their hair, piercings and tattoos, but what are your rights as the Employer when it comes to their employment relationship with you?

It is important to note that you have the right to hire whomever you would like for your business, however it is unlawful to turn a suitable candidate down simply because of any of the prohibited grounds outlined in the Human Rights Act.

Making Peace with your Online Critics

The significant growth of social media use in recent years is a double-edged sword for clubs.  It offers the opportunity to promote, grow brand recognition, reach potential new customers and add a human element to a corporate brand - but it also opens up a very public avenue for negative feedback.

Complaints that clubs may have historically received in the private manner, be it verbally, in-person, over the phone or written in a letter or email are now available for everyone to see and form a judgement on.

10 Challenges & Opportunities facing the Hospitality Industry

Think back.  Not too far back - let's say 30 years.  The very first episode of MasterChef was still three years off hitting UK television screens.  Celebrity Chefs didn't exist.  Waitressing was something you did until you got a real job, and ordering online.....well, that was the stuff of science fiction.

Now fast forward to the present day.  Food is a societal superstar.  Back in 2014 the wider hospitality industry employed 200,000 people and revenue alone sat at more than $11 billion.  Prime-time cooking shows have created celebrity chefs and home cooks on comfortable terms with sous vide baths and foams.  Many of them see a future in the industry.  They see a world of opportunity.  But hospitality has plenty of challenges as well.  So how will the industry evolve in the next five to ten years?

Gambits:now 3 August 2017

Mystery shopper - recognition of good practice in class 4 venue

The mystery shopper exercise highlighted some stand-out practices of responding to signs of gambling harm within class 4 venues. We would like to share these examples of good practice with everyone.

We would like to acknowledge and commend venue operators and staff at the following venues for their high level of gamble host responsibility: