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Gambits:Now - Redemption Terminals permitted in Class 4 Venues

Redemption terminals have been approved for use in class 4 venues with Cash-In-Ticket-Out (CITO) technology from this Friday, 22 September 2017.

The technology will allow gamblers to ‘cash-out’ at class 4 venues by redeeming tickets printed from a gaming machine. A ticket can be presented to an automated payment terminal for self-service payments of up to $200. For pay-outs in excess of $200, venue staff will be able to attend the terminal and authorise the payment of amounts between $200 and $999.

Karaoke Copyright

Members will recall that in August 2016 Clubs New Zealand released via our website and weekly e-Newsletter information regarding AKPA (Australasian Karaoke Protection Authority) and OneMusic. Recently we have been provided with additional information which clubs must familiarise themselves with particularly those clubs who offer Karaoke.

OneMusic represent the song writers (musical works), they do not represent any karaoke producers (karaoke recordings). For any given piece of work there may be more than one copyright owner, in the case of Karaoke your OneMusic Hospitality Licence only covers 1 of the 2 copyright owners i.e. the songwriters and not the karaoke producers.

Insurance scheme benefits member clubs

Members of the Clubs Share Insurance Services scheme will be largely shielded from premium increases thanks to the collective buying power of the group, says Area Manager Stuart Speirs.

“Premiums have gone up 10% on average for commercial insurance clients and it’s likely there’ll be further increases in the next 12-18 months, but we’ve been able to minimise the impact for our member Clubs,” Stuart said.

Procurement Processes - Part 2

Accountability and transparency is fundamental to good governance, and it is important for members and other stakeholders to be confident that their club's money is wisely and appropriately expended.

Probity means integrity, uprightness and honesty.  Maintaining probity in procurement involves more than avoiding corrupt or dishonest conduct, but rather extends to policies and procedures that ensure impartiality, accountability and transparency.  Transparency and accountability in procurement gives club's ongoing needs and in turn providing the best terms and conditions in your club.