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Club Management Conference 2017 - It's go time!

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Those registered for the 2017 Club Management Conference will shortly be making their way to Club Mount Maunganui for a few days of informative presentations, networking and sharing the successes and challenges of the last year.

Help your members prepare for their summer club visits!

Reciprocal Rights is one of the fantastic privileges that come from club membership, with Clubs New Zealand administering reciprocal rights between our more than 310 member clubs.  It means that no matter where your members travel they are almost guaranteed to find a club that they can pop into and enjoy the hospitality.

With club systems and procedures for identifying Authorised Customers and Authorised Visitors getting more robust and actively monitored we are finding that members are getting into potentially embarrassing situations when they visit other clubs unprepared and with no membership card.

Reasonable Standard of Dress Required!

Jane from Grey Lynn Returned Service Club shares their success with offering shirts to those who do not meet the clubs dress code.

How many times do we turn people (and all their custom) away for not being dressed properly? Having travelled overseas over the years, I have realised that not all clubs/venues/restaurants and bars have the same dress codes. You can take your hat off, but not your singlet!

New Government, New Employment Laws, More Costs for Employers

With the coalition deals now signed off and the new Government officially sworn in, it's time to dissect the proposed changes and what they will mean for businesses.

Already announced is the intention to increase the minimum wage to $20 per hour by April 2021, starting with an increase to $16.50 per hour in April 2018.

There have been mixed reactions to this announcement, low paid employees and the Council of Trade Unions have celebrated the move, however many businesses have expressed concern about how this will impact their costs and are concerned that this would need to be passed on to their customers. The other concern for employers is maintaining wage relativity, employees who currently receive more than the minimum wage will expect their wage rate to increase in order to stay above the minimum rate and this is going to increase cost even more which may not be able to be absorbed by the company.