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A very personalised future

Personal information is collected every time we use a loyalty card, shop online, click on a news of sports article or sign up to an online service, with the information around our preferences, choices and consumer habits all collected by myriad of companies.

There is no doubt this intelligence is highly valuable to companies - valuable to those wishing to sell us goods and services, valuable to those looking to predict our future transactions or valuable to those wanting to personalise experiences for us, based on the things we like most, while not bothering us with products or services we have no or little interest in.

The power to grow

The digital world is here.  People of all ages use their smartphones for everything from research to entertainment, organising their lives to connecting with others.

Because of this, your advertising and marketing activities have to be there too, to reach them.  This is digital marketing and it's a non-negotiable today.

Domestic Violence Bill could cost the Employer

Green's Domestic Violence - Victim’s Protection Bill 2016 is coming up for a third Parliamentary reading.

The aim of this Bill is to amend the Domestic Violence Act 1995, Employment Relations Act 2000, Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Holidays Act 2003, and Human Rights Act 1993 to enhance legal protections for victims of domestic violence.

Are your ClubCare Resources up to date?

Under the Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004 the holder of a class 4 venue licence must make available to players pamphlets providing information about the odds of winning on gaming machines, information about the characteristics of problem gambling and how to seek advice for problem gambling.  In addition to this the venue must display signage that is clearly visible to all players that encourages players to gamble only at levels they can afford and contains advice about how to seek assistance for problem gambling.