Since the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 there has been a much greater emphasis on training and ensuring that staff can walk the talk when it comes to host responsibility.

When considering licence applications the licencing authority or the licencing committee concerned must have regard for “whether the application has appropriate systems, staff and training to comply with the law.”

Your club must demonstrate that is has a training plan in place, not only will it ensure your staff are compliant with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, your club will get the added benefit of trained and knowledgeable staff that collectively know their responsibilities and increased motivation.

So what are your options for training?

In House Training?

Any great training programme begins in-house. Clubs New Zealand has a template “staff training log” specifically covering the Sale and Supply of Alcohol which is great for existing staff but is also ideal for use in the induction process for any new staff.

The training log covers key areas for discussion and any relevant reference materials. Once your in-house training is established you should look to move to more in-depth external training options.

ServeWise free online host responsibility training

ServeWise is an exciting new national e-Learning tool recently developed for frontline sellers and servers of alcohol. The tool has been developed in response to industry as well as regulatory agency demand for improved standards of training and the creation of a level playing field across On, Off and Club licensed premises.  The project was led by the Health Promotion Agency in collaboration with ACC and a range of stakeholders that include regulatory and industry partners.

ServeWise is FREE to complete and Clubs New Zealand recommends that all club staff jump in and do the training.

ServiceIQ Online - Responsible Server Skills

This course offers some simple guidelines about what is required to reduce or prevent intoxication, as well as advice on how to stay inside the law for staff serving alcohol. This course is also an introduction to host responsibility for people who wish to gain their Licence Controllers Qualification (LCQ) and become duty managers in the future.

For a tiny cost of $25.00 per person it is a great option for staff to learn more about the legal responsibilities for your club, customers and themselves.

"To Serve or Not to Serve" workshops through Hospitality New Zealand

To serve or not to serve is a big question often faced by your team…

This workshop aims to provide them with the knowledge and skills to understand when to say yes and perhaps more importantly when to say no!!

It includes information on the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, how to identify minors and intoxication, the role the Police play in reducing alcohol issues and some great tools like “Serve Wise” which can be utilised back in their workplace.

The workshop is 3.5 hours long and is designed for staff who are involved in the both the sale and service of alcohol as a key part of their role.

This workshop has been designed and put together with input from Hospitality NZ, the Health Promotion Agency (HPA) and the NZ Police and will be facilitated by Margaret Main of Turning Tables.

Hospitality New Zealand is running these workshops across the country and you can find out when the next one near you is taking place on their website

These workshops are open to all and not exclusively to Hospitality Members.

Host Responsibility Workshop - Industry Training Solutions

Industry Training Solutions have developed an interactive in-house workshop tailored to the needs of your business, which reinforces the importance of host responsibility under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and teaches your team the skills and strategies need to deal with different situations as they arise.

Having your team complete this workshop will help your business meet the requirement for ongoing staff training under the Act, and will give you the confidence that your team has the knowledge they need to really understand their responsibilities in being a responsible host.

Specifically tailored for in-house so you can put your whole team through it together and we charge a maximum of $700 for the three hours.

Find out more using the link below;

There are many training options available out there and your club will need to decide which option best suits your needs, budget and staff. The key message though is that staff need to be trained and they need to be able to walk the talk when it comes to host responsibility and the sale and supply of alcohol.