For the month of September FCP Essential Training Course is available free online.

With the introduction of the Food Act, food businesses will shortly be required to transition from the Food Hygiene Regulations to the Food Control Plan.  The Food Control Plan includes specific training requirements to ensure you and your staff can confirm to the Plan and make sure that the food you prepare and serve is safe and suitable. has been developed by Robert Askew - Senior Environmental Health Officer with Nelson City Council along with input from the Ministry for Primary Industries. 

The FCP Essential Training Course is an online course which covers an introduction to Food Control Plans plus the six lessons classed as "Essential Training" in the "Staff Training" module of the FCP which are;

  • Health and sickness
  • Hand hygiene
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cleaning and sanitising
  • Food allergens
  • Readily perishable food

This essential course will help to ensure that your club and staff are prepared and ready for the transition to the Food Control Plan.

To do the training use the link below and following the instructions online;

FCP Essential Training Course