Members will recall that in August 2016 Clubs New Zealand released via our website and weekly e-Newsletter information regarding AKPA (Australasian Karaoke Protection Authority) and OneMusic. Recently we have been provided with additional information which clubs must familiarise themselves with particularly those clubs who offer Karaoke.

OneMusic represent the song writers (musical works), they do not represent any karaoke producers (karaoke recordings). For any given piece of work there may be more than one copyright owner, in the case of Karaoke your OneMusic Hospitality Licence only covers 1 of the 2 copyright owners i.e. the songwriters and not the karaoke producers.

The New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 is clear that any restricted act, such as “reproduction, public performance and broadcast” needs to be authorised by all copyright owners (or their agents).

With karaoke being publicly performed in venues, and venue owners/managers currently only paying OneMusic for the writers (for musical works), the karaoke producers are not being paid public performance fees for their karaoke recordings, therefore these venues are performing karaoke without all the permissions/licences in place, and subsequently contravening the Copyright Act 1994.

AKPA has been formed to protect the karaoke industry and collect the karaoke public performance fees on behalf of the producers they represent and in relation to the karaoke recordings within their control.

The AKPA website has been updated to show the producers they represent along with karaoke recordings in the AKPA repertoire. Clubs New Zealand along with RNZRSA and Hospitality New Zealand have no reason to doubt that AKPA represents the karaoke record producers listed on its website and that AKPA are entitled to collect licensing fees on their behalf. AKPA charges a public performance licensing fee of $24.95 +GST per venue per night.

As with all licencing whether it is a copyright licence or a liquor licence we encourage clubs to perform their own due diligence to ensure they are not only meeting their legal obligations but are also paying the correct amount (not paying more or less than is required).  This will require talking to your suppliers, AKPA, OneMusic and other potential copyright holders. We encourage all clubs that intend to offer karaoke events to check whether AKPA represents any of the copyright holders in the tracks that the club intends to perform. AKPA’s member’s karaoke tracks are easily identifiable by trademarked logos which appear at the beginning of each karaoke track.

For more information or to seek clarification we recommend you contact AKPA and/or OneMusic via the contact details below;

P:  09 424 1438
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P: 0800 800 663
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also view the statement released by the RNZRSA on their website using the link below;

RNZRSA - Karaoke Copyright: Clarification and Correction