Redemption terminals have been approved for use in class 4 venues with Cash-In-Ticket-Out (CITO) technology from this Friday, 22 September 2017.

The technology will allow gamblers to ‘cash-out’ at class 4 venues by redeeming tickets printed from a gaming machine. A ticket can be presented to an automated payment terminal for self-service payments of up to $200. For pay-outs in excess of $200, venue staff will be able to attend the terminal and authorise the payment of amounts between $200 and $999.

These changes will allow a significant proportion of a venue’s float to be held within a secure payment terminal.

The Class 4 game rules and standards will be updated to reflect the changes.

Please contact your department liaison if you have any queries about the changes.

(SOURCE: The Department of Internal Affairs, Gambits:NOW, 20the September 2017)