MPI is proposing changes to improve the written plans that businesses use to manage food safety.  MPI want businesses and sector groups to let them know if they are easier to use.  

The Ministry for Primary Industries have been listening to what businesses think about the template food control plan. This is the written plan MPI provide to food service businesses (like restaurants and cafes), and retailers (like delis and butchers) to manage food safety under the Food Act. 

In response, MPI are proposing some changes that they hope will make them easier to use.  None of the rules have changed, but the new plan is shorter and simpler.

It will be introduced alongside the existing plan, so you’ll be able to choose which one you want to use.

MPI want to know what you think.  Would the new template food control plan work for you?  How could it be improved?

Check out the new plan and have your say by 22 February

Please give MPI your feedback so they can make it work better for you!

Many thanks, the Food Team at MPI