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As a member of the Clubs New Zealand community, clubs and members of clubs can save up to 10% off their current Internet Bill.

Sign up today with Bryte Internet Solutions and they will offer you 10% off your current internet bill or 5% off when you upgrade to a faster connection.


Signing up to save on your internet bill is easy, simply visit complete the online form. You will need to select what options to wish to sign up for and upload a copy of your current internet bill that you can attach to the online form. Once the form is complete hit “Apply Now” and Bryte will take care of the rest.

While completing the form you will also have the opportunity to sign up for other great benefits at the same time, such as VIP benefits with Liquor King.

Once the form is submitted, Bryte Internet Solutions will get in touch to finalise your solution.

For more details on how you can get more out of your membership visit