Securities latest product CVMS or Cloud Video Management Services has been introduced to assist the CCTV industry.  With thousands of different products and brands, hundreds of installation companies and a dozen different distributors each promoting their own unique products and ideas - CVMS brings together the best of the best in a simple to understand and advanced environment.

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CVMS provide you and your installer with the support and specialist systems you need for effective surveillance.  Their staff are certified and trained to provide high level support to both you and your installer.  From provisioning high speed fibre, to configuration of WAN firewalled routers and issuing of unique IP addresses for your installation, CVMS will be there from beginning to end to support you.

What CVMS Do

CVMS work with your installer to deliver an end product which is robust, managed and user friendly. CVMS provision a separate fibre / VDSL connection to your site along with a dedicated WAN router. They provide a private network range for your installer as well as a public IP address for your site. Along with high speed, secure upload to their servers they also provisional a high speed backhaul - making it feel like your server is on your desk.

They assist with the site setup and camera configuration and once your installer leaves your site - CVMS manage the system 24/7.

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By removing the need for a CCTV server (recorder) to be housed on your premises CVMS remove 90% of the risk and ongoing costs associated with server faults, disk errors, general maintenance issues, power and networking faults, programming requirements and so on.

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This also reduces your IT footprint in your server room, reduces power consumption and UPS requirements. If your expensive CCTV server is currently under a desk, in a cupboard or in your roof space somewhere - you might want to consider the move as soon as possible. With CVMS your CCTV server and footage is in a protected environment and cannot be damaged, stolen or sabotaged.

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By hosting enterprise grade servers in their customised Data Centre CVMS are now able to ‘cost share’ between the cloud allowing you to have the best possible CCTV Management System (and CVMS have the big brands) for a fraction of the cost and with none of the overheads.


  • Fully - managed CCTV servers including updates, maintenance and repairs (SaaS)
  • Fully - managed network infrastructure through secured, firewalled fibre WAN (IaaS)
  • Fibre ONT and router installation organised by CVMS with no additional cost
  • 24/7 managed WAN and firewall
  • RAID 1 mirroring solution for all cameras with customisable recording configurations for up to 3 years archiving
  • Limit your costs associated with service calls to site for server issues
  • Camera firmware upgrades and user requested changes can be made off-site
  • Third party integration available
  • Customised user interfacing via client software from any location for multiple log-ons
  • Customised reporting, user logging, disk management and CPU management
  • No capex approvals or capital cases necessary for server hardware - OPEX
  • Flexibility to update to new technology at any time
  • Hosted CCTV servers located in customised data centre
  • External access from any PC, mobile phone device with limited concurrent sessions
  • 24/7 alerts customised to site eg. camera offline etc
  • Technical support, training etc

To download the full CVMS flyer click the link below;

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For more information contact;

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