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AMS Music presents JINGO

The newest craze in pub games, Jingo is the fun new way to get more patrons into your place and increasing stay times. Just like bingo but better as numbers are replaced with snippets of songs.


  • A social game for individuals or groups
  • An enthusiastic vibe
  • Four games in each game pack for up to 2 hours entertainment    
  • Your punters can join in the action at any time
  • Extensive music knowledge is not necessary - song clues in the snippets


Full installation and host training is provided as well as ongoing social media marketing assistance.

Existing Jingo customers have seen patronage increase with nights that previously had 5 customers having grown to 70  by playing Jingo in a matter of weeks.

Jingo LadyJingo is currently exclusive to AMS Music customers. Not an AMS customer? And as far as music goes AMS is the largest background music provider into hospitality in NZ and have all your bases covered... audio, music videos, digital signage and local 24/7 support for all your needs at your venue!

Enjoy a FREE Game Pack for Clubs New Zealand Members

Call the Jingo Hotline 0800 224 646

OR email the Jingo lady This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This Isn’t Your Typical Blue Rinse Bingo!

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