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Be one of the first to get it in your venue with an offer for Clubs New Zealand members.

Jingo is the fun new way to get more patrons into your place. Just like bingo but better as numbers are replaced with snippets of songs.

Jingo is a social game of up to 2 hours of entertainment and the enthusiastic vibe means that customers don’t have to get a group together to play so it’s great for couples and singles looking to mingle. Extensive music knowledge isn’t necessary as the song clues are in the snippets - it’s easy to pick up and punters can jump in at any time to join the fun.

Sound Great?  Why not give it a go?

First game pack FREE for Clubs New Zealand Members

Jingo LadyJingo is a subscription-based pub music game for New Zealand hospitality venues who want a fun new entertainment choice. We make it easy with the packs including game cards for your punters, music, promotion via our website, social media and more. Consider Jingo your summer crowd-pleaser for those balmy evenings.

Existing Jingo customers are seeing a massive increase in patronage and both food & beverage sales. Nights that previously had 5 customers have grown to 70 customers by playing Jingo in a matter of weeks.

Enjoy a FREE Game Pack on us.

Call the Jingo Hotline 0800 224 646

OR email the Jingo lady This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently Jingo is exclusive to AMS Music customers (‘cause you’re special).  Not an AMS customer? No worries, call us and find out how to get Jingo at your venue!

This Isn’t Your Typical Blue Rinse Bingo!

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