With RISQ Groups special offer for Clubs New Zealand members you can help to ensure you are protecting yourself and your staff, meeting your obligations under the new Health and Safety legislation and saving money and staff time.

This is the best training of its kind available today and for less than the cost of sending 2 people to a training seminar.

Usual price for individual retailers $495

Clubs New Zealand members price $395 – valid until December 2016

You can order through Lucy Waterreus at Clubs New Zealand, Delivery by courier to you within 14 days.

In your pack you will receive;

  • Manager's Facilitation Guide Workbook - x 1
  • Robbery Prevention & Safety Skills Training Videos - on USB
  • Staff Training Quiz - x1 Pad
  • Staff Training Quiz Answer Sheet - x 1
  • Post Incident Duty/Store Manager Instructions sheet - x 1
  • Description of Suspects & Offenders – x1 Pad
  • Customer List – x 3
  • Signage
    • Sorry We're Closed- x 1
    • Robbery Safety (COOP) - x 1
    • Suspect Identification – (Photographs) x 2

The kit now includes a Robbery Safety workbook, complete with answers and suggested activities to assist managers when conducting training and review sessions with staff.

Prices exclude GST. A $15 fee will be charged for shipping and handling.

To find out more about RISQ Group visit www.risq.co.nz you can also download below an article on RISQ Group and the work they do that will be featuring in the next edition of NZSecurity Magazine.