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Report For Members of Clubs New Zealand

Chief Executive - Larry Graham


The below staff structure is for your information.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of the team should you require, main phone: 04 815 9007 or 0800 425 827.

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Kate Michelle Regan

Clubs New Zealand Insurance

Our shareholding in CNZ Insurance continues to be a great asset and subsequent contributor to keeping the cost of membership at a minimum. Recently I advised you that the rebate system attached to the insurance premium was to cease, the reasons for which were explained in the letter. The Board of Clubs New Zealand decided it was better to invest more resources into our sports events. This has provided us with an opportunity to directly acknowledge the importance of sport adjuncts in clubs. Something that is long overdue. In addition to this we are working with potential sponsors to enhance our sports events even more so.

As a start point we have identified the following events for trial. These events include the National 8 Ball Championship 1-6 October (Cashmere Club), South Island Women’s Outdoor Bowls 8-12 October (Oamaru Club), North Island Men’s Golf 16-17 November (Wanganui Cosmopolitan Club) and the North Island Women’s Outdoor Bowls 19-22 November (Tokoroa Club).

Clubs KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver continues to be a hot topic among our communities. Clubs New Zealand’s preferred provider is FANZ. How many times have you heard around the bar leaner, “I wish I had started KiwiSaver earlier”, well it’s never too late. FANZ are an approved KiwiSaver Scheme Provider. Please contact the office or find attached a default scheme provider form to fill out to ensure your members and/or families can join up.

Contact Dave Tilley or Larry Graham your registered Clubs New Zealand KIWISAVER advisors or ABBOTTS 0800 081 443 for all Insurance and Financial enquiries.

Digital Stuff

The website is nearing its 10th birthday and is due for some love.  Lucy recently met with our web developers to ensure that our site was still ‘fit for purpose’. You might notice some changes over the next few months which are designed to modernise the look and feel of the website, improve the structure, navigation and upgrade the site to improve speed and security.

Some of the key things we are looking to achieve in the website upgrade include;

  • Introduce a modern, sleek website;
  • Integrate with SalesForce to create a more personalised user experience for clubs;
  • Overhaul the sports and events section to improve navigation, look and feel – make it easier for clubs and members to locate and access sport and event information;
  • Mobile responsive design – access the website on the go without squinty eyes.

Clubs New Zealand App

Since the app has been live we have had a chance to see what is working and what possibly needs a bit of further work to get it to a point where we are happy.

We have engaged PaperKite to design, build and test further developments with the view to improve the existing app.  These changes aim to;

  • Enable users to better understand, access and navigate the app.
  • Provide Clubs New Zealand with a method to highlight partners to app users.
  • Allow Clubs New Zealand to better reach and target them in-app messaging

Overview of changes;

  • Addition of a ‘home page’ to allow users to navigate through the app easier and to provide buttons for partner organisations.
  • Addition of context sensitive help screens to assist users with certain functions of the app.
  • Addition of an account interest areas to allow users to register their areas of interest and to facilitate interest-targeted messaging to users.
  • Addition of ‘onboarding screens’ to familiarise users with the app and encourage the selection of interests when signing up
  • including various other small changes such as repurposing the “join a club form” to also allow existing members to submit their details to be verified for app sign in, loading of logos into map view – further development of the messaging programme to allow for more targeted communication.

Once we have got the above items implemented we can then think about the bigger picture items which will require more planning and work i.e. inclusion of all the relevant elements required to build a multi-functional membership card.


We will be working on trying to stem the flow of declining gaming usage in clubs and to assist struggling clubs with their operations. We are looking to set up a few trial sites over the next few months. This initiative is made possible with support from some gaming companies, gaming technology experts including the gaming brains trust in National Office. We believe there is merit in putting some effort in this area and we are hoping to report back to the conference by March next year on how this has gone. If there are any clubs who are experiencing major gaming issues and you feel we can assist your club, please contact us.


Membership of Clubs New Zealand remains steady.  We have sadly lost a few members this year, however, we have also had new clubs come on board and gained new clubs via mergers.  While on the road Dave, Keith and I have seen a number of clubs struggling to keep the doors open – this is not new, and we are looking at ways to assist these clubs to think differently.   On the other side of the coin we are seeing the positive changes happening in clubs where they have embraced some ‘out of the box thinking’, these clubs are going from strength to strength and their membership is growing as a result.


Current and topical legislative issues are;

  • Proposed gaming fees are under review. Both Lucy and I will be representing clubs on the panel. The DIA team responsible continue to listen to us but take no notice!
  • The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act continues to cause headaches for clubs, it seems there is a new interpretation of the law every week. The good news is that we have been building strong relationships with Police, Licensing Inspectors and Territorial Authorities with the aim of creating consistencies across the country. I have been invited to present at the New Zealand Institute of Liquor Licensing Inspectors conference later this year which will provide a great opportunity to tell our story and the challenges facing clubs.

2019 Conference - Tauranga

The 2019 Clubs New Zealand Conference & AGM is fast looming. Please ensure you have booked your accommodation as this conference is attracting a lot of interest. A draft program is available below for your information. Please note the slight change in format and times and follow the progress on our website.

pdfClubs New Zealand 2019 Conference & AGM Draft Agenda5.27 MB

Enjoy the rest of 2018 and don’t hesitate to contact me or the Office if you have any queries.

Larry Graham
Chief Executive
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.