With the countdown to the much anticipated Christmas and New Year's Holidays well underway, many club members will be getting ready for their annual getaways to visit friends, family, their favourite holiday spots and no doubt visit other clubs along way.

Hannah has created some fun downloadable posters for you to display in your clubs reminding members about reciprocal rights, to ensure they have their current membership card handy and QR codes which they can scan to find out more information.

3 posters together

These posters are free to download from Clubs New Zealand members.  If you would like the posters further customised to suit your needs please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 4 CLUBS to discuss options and pricing.

Download your Posters Here

ReciprocalRights Poster 1 PDF A4

Reciprocal Rights Poster 1

pdfReciprocalRights_Poster131.13 KB

ReciprocalRights Poster 2 PDF A4

Reciprocal Rights Poster 2

pdfReciprocalRights_Poster225.37 KB
ReciprocalRights Poster 3 PDF A4

Reciprocal Rights Poster 3

pdfReciprocalRights_Poster322.44 KB